The Scalia Group attention and care to customer needs are expressed through the careful choice of refined and high quality products with an excellent value for money.

The craftsmanship of the top brand of bags and accessories, some of them featured by a typical made in Italy taste, and the meticulous control along the entire product path that leads to the final customer, has allowed Scalia Group to grow over the years with passion, acquiring direct and specific expertise not only in the retail sector, but also in production and distribution of leather goods, luggage and clothing.

Over time Scalia Group has become global, exporting its values and its customer care to over 100 countries in the world. Over the years, the company has held steady a recognizable corporate identity, being able at the same time to renew itself.

The company, thus, confirm itself as an important and complete reference point for leather goods, that cross the borders of Sicily. Reliability, professionalism and earnestness have allowed Scalia Group to become a reference point in the market, always aiming for the highest levels of performance in the services offered both to customers and suppliers.