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  1. Shopper Piquadro Ryan porta pc 14'' BD5743RY Azzurro

    Piquadro Ryan shopping bag for laptop 14''

    As low as €230.00
  2. Monospalla Piquadro porta iPad Pulse P16 CA4177P16

    Piquadro Pulse P16 slingbag for iPad

    As low as €155.00
  3. Zaino Piquadro Blue Square Revamp porta pc 12.9''

    Zaino Piquadro Blue Square Revamp porta pc 12.9''

    As low as €310.00
  4. Portachiavi Piquadro chiuso per porta blindata PC1397B2

    Piquadro keycase armored door snap-hook

    As low as €85.00
  5. Portachiavi Piquadro chiuso 6 ganci PC1396B2

    Piquadro keycase 6 keys

    As low as €75.00
  6. Portafoglio Piquadro verticale con ferma soldi Blue Square PU3890B2

    Piquadro Blue Square wallet vertical with dollar packet

    As low as €100.00
  7. Portafoglio Piquadro Blue Square lungo con zip PD1515B2R

    Piquadro Blue Square long wallet with zip

    As low as €160.00
  8. Borsello Piquadro Urban porta iPad Mini CA3084UB00 Blu

    Piquadro Urban shoulder bag for iPad Mini

    As low as €170.00
  9. Monospalla Piquadro Urban in pelle CA4536UB00 Grigio/Nero

    Piquadro Urban Sling Bag made of leather

    As low as €215.00
  10. Ombrello Piquadro apri/chiudi automatico in carbonio

    Piquadro umbrella open/close automatic in carbon fiber

    As low as €42.00
  11. Ombrello Piquadro manuale in fibra di vetro

    Piquadro manual umbrella in glass fiber

    As low as €32.00
  12. Ombrello Piquadro apri/chiudi automatico XL

    Piquadro umbrella open/close automatic XL

    As low as €50.00
  13. Ombrello Piquadro mini antivento

    Piquadro mini windproof umbrella

    As low as €34.00
  14. Portamonete Piquadro tacco PU2634B2

    Piquadro coin pouch Blue Square

    As low as €75.00
  15. Pochette Piquadro Black Square porta tablet fino a 11'' AC5098B3

    Piquadro Black Square pouch for tablet up to 11''

    As low as €160.00
  16. Pochette Piquadro Black Square porta tablet fino a 9'' AC5099B3

    Piquadro Black Square pouch for tablet up to 9''

    As low as €150.00
  17. Necessaire Piquadro Black Square due scomparti

    Piquadro Black Square travel kit with two compartments

    As low as €155.00
  18. Zaino fast-check Piquadro Urban porta pc 17.3'' CA4972UB00BM

    Piquadro Urban fast-check backpack for 17.3'' laptop

    As low as €598.00
  19. Cartella Piquadro Brief 2 fast-check porta computer 15.6''

    Piquadro Brief 2 fast-check briefcase with 15.6" laptop compartment

    As low as €350.00
  20. Bustina Piquadro porta carte con RFID Blue Square PP2762B2R

    Piquadro Blue Square coin pouch for credit card with RFID

    As low as €80.00
  21. Portafoglio Piquadro con porta documenti e RFID Blue Square PU1392B2R

    Piquadro Blue Square wallet with ID window and RFID

    As low as €129.00
  22. Portafoglio Piquadro donna con RFID Blue Square PD1353B2 rosso

    Piquadro Blue Square woman wallet with RFID system

    As low as €160.00
  23. Astuccio portachiavi Piquadro con due anelli Pulse P16 PC4216P16

    Piquadro Pulse P16 keychain case with two rings

    As low as €55.00
  24. Bustina Piquadro porta monete con RFID Blue Square PU1243B2R

    Piquadro Blue Square wallet with coin pocket and RFID

    As low as €88.00
  25. Portafoglio Piquadro porta carte 7 slot PP1518B2

    Piquadro wallet credit card holder 7 slots

    As low as €100.00
  26. Portafoglio Piquadro piccolo con volantino e RFID Blue Square PU4518B2R

    Piquadro Blue Square small wallet with fold-out and RFID

    As low as €115.00
  27. Portafoglio Piquadro donna con porta monete Blue Square PD1354B2R mogano

    Piquadro Blue Square women's wallet with purse

    As low as €160.00
  28. Borsello Piquadro Urban porta tablet 10'' CA1816UB00 Nero

    Piquadro Urban crossover bag for tablet 10''

    As low as €190.00
  29. Porta carte Piquadro Black Square con sliding system PP4825B3R

    Piquadro Black Square card holder with sliding system

    As low as €50.00
  30. Porta carte Piquadro Blue Square con sliding system PP4825B2R

    Piquadro Black Square card holder with sliding system

    As low as €50.00
  31. Portafoglio Piquadro Urban con volantino portadocumenti PU1392UB00R

    Piquadro Urban wallet with flyer for documents

    As low as €129.00
  32. Portafoglio Piquadro Blue Square con RFID PU257B2R

    Piquadro Blue Square wallet with anti RFID

    As low as €123.00
  33. Zainetto Piquadro Circle porta pc 13''

    Piquadro Circle backpack for laptop 13''

    As low as €290.00
  34. Ombrello Piquadro apri/chiudi automatico

    Piquadro umbrella open/close automatic

    As low as €40.00
  35. Portachiavi Piquadro con Connequ Black Square AC3954B3 cuoio

    Piquadro Black Square keychain with Connequ

    As low as €53.00
  36. Portafoglio Piquadro Urban con porta carte e porta monete PU257UB00R

    Piquadro Urban wallet with compartments for credit cards and coins

    As low as €110.00
  37. Zaino Piquadro porta iPad Pro con Connequ Black Square CA3214B3

    Piquadro Black Square Connequ backpack

    As low as €365.00
  38. Portafoglio Piquadro tascone con porta monete PU1740B2

    Piquadro wallet vertical Blue Square

    As low as €133.00
  39. Portafoglio Piquadro con porta monete e RFID Black Square PU257B3R cuoio

    Piquadro Black Square wallet with money pouch and RFID

    As low as €123.00
  40. Portafoglio Piquadro porta documenti Pulse P16 PU1392P16

    Piquadro Pulse P16 wallet document holder

    As low as €75.00
  41. Porta carte di credito Piquadro con RFID Black Square PP2762B3R

    Piquadro Black Square credit card holder with RFID

    As low as €80.00
  42. Portafoglio Piquadro con porta documenti PU1240B2

    Piquadro wallet document holder Blue Square

    As low as €125.00
  43. Portafoglio Piquadro porta carte con RFID Blue Square PU1241B2R

    Piquadro Blue Square wallet card holder with RFID

    As low as €110.00
  44. Piquadro C63 belt in seude leather

    Piquadro C63 belt in seude leather

    As low as €101.00
  45. Cartella Piquadro porta notebook piccola Blue Square CA3335B2

    Piquadro briefcase notebook compartment small Blue Square

    As low as €360.00
  46. Zaino Piquadro porta computer 13'' Blue Square CA3214B2

    Piquadro Blue Square backpack computer case 13''

    As low as €365.00
  47. Tracolla Piquadro Obidos porta smartphone

    Piquadro Obidos shoulder bag for smartphone

    As low as €94.50 Regular Price €135.00
  48. Zaino Piquadro Urban porta pc 15.6'' con antifurto CA4550UB00BM Blu-Grigio

    Piquadro Urban backpack forr laptop 15.6'' anti-theft protection

    As low as €500.00
  49. Zaino Piquadro Urban porta pc 14'' CA3214UB00 Blu-Grigio

    Piquadro Urban backpack for laptop 14''

    As low as €360.00
  50. Zaino Piquadro Blue Square fast check porta pc 14''

    Piquadro Blue Square fast check backpack for pc 14''

    As low as €550.00
  51. Cintura Piquadro Black Square reversibile

    Piquadro Black Square belt reversible

    As low as €115.00
  52. Zaino Piquadro Urban fast-check porta pc 15.6'' CA4532UB00 Blu Grigio

    Piquadro Urban backpack fast-check for laptop 15.6''

    As low as €430.00
  53. Messenger Piquadro porta pc 14'' Black Square CA4639B3

    Piquadro Black Square messenger bag for laptop 14"

    As low as €420.00
  54. Cartella Piquadro Brief 2 porta computer 15.6''

    Piquadro Brief 2 Briefcase with laptop compartment 15.6"

    As low as €299.00
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Piquadro bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and wallets

Piquadro is a leading brand in the sector of good equipped and modern business accessories, known for its sophisticated design and the precious materials.
The business bags, like also the women's bags, backpacks and travel accessories are all distinguished by the particular care for the details and the dedication to the newest technologies, while foreseeing with every product of the brand the right displacement and protection for the daily high-tech accessories, like smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Every accessory from Piquadro is an intelligent object, created in a way to accompany the brand's male and female lovers during every moment of the day, offering the best functionality and comfort, while always maintaining its inimitable style and distinctive tech-inside.

Born in 1987 by hand of the at that time twenty-two years old Marco Palmieri, Piquadro today represents one of the excellencies within the sector of leather goods and business accessories.

At the beginning conceived as a brand producing small leather good accessories for other companies, in 1998 Piquadro launched its own collections, after having gained experience thanks to the collaborations with the worldwide best companies for luxury leather goods. In the course of only a few years the brand becomes famous in its sector and inaugurated the first stores in Italy and also abroad, by starting a process of internationalization which until today keeps going on.

Piquadro’s road to success consists in the extreme functionality, which characterized the brand’s products, in combination with a particular care for the design and every small detail: the usefulness of the business bags in this way meets the style and the materials of the most sophisticated and fashion accessories of leather goods, while creating products of a unique and inimitable aspect, that perfectly fit for every business man and woman, who loves to wear accessories of a strong character for work and during the free time.

Piquadro indeed not only focuses on its collections with business bags and accessories, but also dedicates ample space to the free time and traveling, with collections of a versatile and high-tech style within all circumstances.

From the briefcase and the luggage with the localization system Connequ, to the women’s bags equipped with tablet slots or laptop compartments, Piquadro doesn’t miss the occasion to modernize every accessory with the newest technologies, becoming in this way a real reference point for the business, travel and fashion world.

It is not a case, that the brand’s motto is “tech inside”, which represents the double soul of Piquadro, which on one hand is related to the production of its products with extremely modern instruments, and on the other hand represents brand’s the typical attention to the right displacement and protection of the technological accessories of every day on the inside of the bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and much more.

Piquadro business bags, briefcases, messenger and laptop bags

The professional bags from Piquadro represent the most consisting part of the brand’s collection, the strength, which today is considered a real reference point for the sector of business fashion.

The business bags from Piquadro are characterized by the possibility to store with the right order and protection not only documents and smaller objects, but also the technological accessories for the daily use: the laptop bags from Piquadro indeed are equipped with padded compartments not only for a laptop, but also for tablet or smartphone, without leaving behind the detailed inner and outer organization, thanks to the multiple pockets and compartments.

Perfect for everyone who loves to carry around an accessory fitting for work and free time, the leather bags from Piquadro maintain their glamour and their functionality at the same time. The men’s bags of this brand are also equipped with different portability solutions, dimensions and designs, to accommodate all necessities of the dynamic businessman, who alternates work to sport, travel and freetime.

Piquadro professional leather backpacks

The backpacks from Piquadro are dedicated to those who love to wear useful and dynamic accessories, without renouncing to an elaborate design. Capacious and equipped with pockets and compartments for every object, the men's backpacks from Piquadro fit perfectly for work and free time, and are available in more casual variations made of fabric, but also in more formal versions made of leather. Independently from the usage, every model offers the best of experience, quality and usefulness.

Of a chic and feminine style, but at the same time ideal to contain all the every day objects, the women's backpacks from Piquadro accompany the female lovers of the brand with elegance and functionality. Every backpack indeed prevents the right place for a tablet, smartphone or also a portable computer, and thus is perfect to be worn both to work or during free time.

The backpacks with computer compartment from Piquadro represent the strength of this collections: realized with a padded and shock-proof compartment and a padded back to spread the weight of the laptop all-over the back. The brand's backpacks with computer compartment offer the best comfort, combined to an elaborate design and a high quality of the materials.

Piquadro Piquadro women's bags made of leather

The women's bags from Piquadro offer the highest functionality in combination with a glamorous and feminine style. Dedicated to the dynamic women who love to confront the daily live with the right look for going to work and also during free time, the assortment of women's bag made of leather from Piquadro includes a lot of different typologies, forms and colors.

The women's business bags from Piquadro are equipped with all necessities to contain the every day objects without leaving behind the design, the material's quality and the seasonal trends. The selection of women's bags from Piquadro includes backpacks, shoulder bags, shopping bags and hobo backs made of the most precious materials with brilliant metallic refinements and compartments developed to contain on their inside everything a woman needs to carry around during her day and even more.

On the outside refined with care and elegance and on the inside equipped with the right inner organization, the women's bags and minibags from Piquadro include everything a woman can wish for with an accessory as the right companion for every day.

Piquadro shoulder bags

Piquadro offers an ample selection of men's shoulder bags of smaller dimensions, but at the same time with the perfect functionality for everyone who loves to live the outdoor life and to feel and move free.

The men's shoulder bags from Piquadro made of leather combine usefulness with precious materials to offer an accessory to the dynamic man who loves to bring only the most important objects, without renouncing to the technological accessories of every day. The shoulder bags from Piquadro indeed are equipped with compartments for iPad or tablet, that are padded to guarantee the right protection. For a more casual look, the men's shoulder bags from Piquadro are also available in the variations made of fabric, or leather and fabric, donating a pleasant contrast of materials and colors.

The collections with men's shoulder bags from Piquadro are completed by the bumbags and crossover bags, as accessories of an original design, that fits also to the most ironic and informal style.

Piquadro leather goods and accessories made of leather

The accessories and leather goods from Piquadro are dedicated to those, who don't want to renounce to the brand's tech-inside also in the case of wallets, key chains, organizers and much more.

realized with the appropriate care for the detail, materials and design, the small leather goods from Piquadro result especially modern with their functionality, which meets the eye thanks to the elaborate technology: the small leather accessories from Piquadro are generated to contain on their inside also SIM, SD or micro-SD cards, without forgetting about the revolutionary RFID system to protect contactless credit cards, that meanwhile is present in every wallet of the collections.

The small leather goods from Piquadro include also accessories of a clearly modern taste, like the covers for smartphone, headphones and powerbank, accessories that by now need to be in everyone's bag.

A strength of the collections with small leather goods are the wallets from Piquadro, developed to maintain all the necessities capturing not too many space, while offering the best design and functionality.

The brand designs complete wallets equipped with compartments for coins, credit cards and banknotes, but also basic models for only credit cards and compartments for banknotes.

The leather wallets from Piquadro are realized with the best quality and offer the best functionality within all circumstances. The wallets from Piquadro are of the newest generation, equipped with the anti-theft protection RFID, that allows to protect the contactless credit cards: also with the accessories of small dimensions, Piquadro manages to show its tech-inside philosophy, without renouncing to a sober, but elegant and sophisticated design.

The keyrings from Piquadro are designed to preserve the keys, but they are able to do much more! Equipped with rings and carabiners, the key chains from Piquadro offer space for traditional keys and those of emergency doors, but also for USB flash drive and even headphones of the smartphone or a powerbank. Capacious and of an elaborate design, the leather keyrings from Piquadro keep up with the times and the necessities of every day, by paying attention also the to small high-tech accessories to always keep in the bag.

The strength of the collection with key chains from Piquadro are those equipped with the exclusive locating system Connequ, which with help of the appropriate application on the smartphone make it possible to locate lost objects or those we forgot at home: this keyrings can also be hooked to a bag, trolley or briefcase, to not forget or loose our stuff anymore.

The small leather good accessories from Piquadro are not limited on the traditional wallets and key chains, but include also a selection of the newest accessories and protective covers, dedicated to the small high-tech accessories.

The assortment of smartphone and tablet accessories from Piquadro includes an ample choice of protection covers, cases and bags for iPad, iPhone, smartphone and tablet, that are recognizable thanks to the unique style the brand offers for every accessory. Made of leather and functional within every aspect, the small leather goods and high-tech accessories from Piquadro are indispensable for everyone who wants to carry around all the technological accessories for every day.

To complete the accessories, that every professional should have, can't be missing the organizers and notepad holders from Piquadro, that are available in the same colors and made of the same materials as the collections with bags and briefcases, for a complete loof fitting to every professional.

The agendas, diaries and organizers from Piquadro are equipped with an interchangeable calendar on the inside, to make it possible to maintain the outside year by year, ans also contain a strap as a pen holder and small compartments to store visiting cards, credit cards and documents. The organizers from Piquadro are available in different dimensions, to accommodate every necessity of space and capaciousness of every professional.

The notepad holders instead form the perfect and elegant accessory to take notes or preserve documents: the notepad holders in A5 fit to be put inside a briefcase or backpack, in order to be ready to take some notes at every moment, while the notepad holders in A4 are much more ample and capacious, and in this way can contain also a tablet of small dimensions.

Made of Italian leather or of leather and fabric, the organizers and notepad holders from Piquadro fit perfectly for everyone who loves a complete and functional business style.

Piquadro carry-on luggage, suitcases, trolley, travel bags and travel accessories

The luggage from Piquadro combines functionality and the tech-inside of bags and briefcases with the travel equipment, to offer an assortment of trolley, suitcases, carry-on luggage and travel accessories of an elegant aspect and a high standard of functionality.

The luggage from Piquadro is available in the variations upright and spinner and indeed equipped with compartments to store the clothes, but also documents and everything necessary for a business journey, but also a holiday on which one doesn't want to renounce to a business style. The carry-on luggage contains padded computer compartments, in which a laptop or tablet can be inserted, to non have to renounce to anything: the best equipped and most modern versions include also USB and micro USB plugs to charge the electronic devices also while traveling.

The extreme functionality doesn't leave behind the aesthetic and design, the luggage from Piquadro represent the highest business elegance, and pick up the characteristics of the brand's most precious collections for an elegant look also while traveling. The collections also include an ample choice of trolley-backpacks and travel bags of a casual style, and products made of fabric, fitting to every type of journey.

To remain true to the tech-inside philosophy also while traveling, Piquadro offers an ample selection of trolleys and suitcases, available in the dimensions carry-on, medium and large, in the variations upright or spinner, realized with an ample choice of colors and materials.

Beside of fabric, nylon and polycarbonate, Piquadro offers trolley made of leather of an elegant and sophisticated style for a business trip, where the functionality doesn't leave behind the aesthetic. The carry-on luggage from Piquadro furthermore shows an equipment very similar to those of the briefcases and business bags, by including, beside of the numerous compartments for clothes and shoes, also pockets to store books, documents and even portable computers and tablets.

The suitcases from Piquadro are light, easy to handle and resistant, equipped with secure and modern closing systems like the TSA combination, compulsive for the customs duty in the United States.

The most equipped suitcases also prevent the innovative Connequ system to locate the luggage by means of the appropriate application on the smartphone.

Advancement, design and functionality are the key word for the trolleys from Piquadro, for a contemporary and comfortable style for every occasion.

The travel bags from Piquadro are a valid alternative for everyone, who prefers a casual, but functional style, that is comfortable also while traveling. Perfectly fitting for a weekend or an adventurous journey, the travel bags from Piquadro are equipped with everything necessary to keep the luggage's content in small dimensions and with lightness. without forgetting about the different portability solutions, that this typology of travel accessory offers.

The travel bags from Piquadro are available with portability by hand, with shoulder strap, but also with straps like a backpack: based on the different models, Piquadro indeed offers shoulder straps or wheels, to make the transport of a travel bag even more comfortable. And of course also the selected materials are made to be resistant and extra light.

Well organized, light and resistant, the travel accessories from Piquadro fit perfectly to contain all the small items, that everyone of us needs to bring on a holiday or during a business trip.

The brand offers wash bags, beauty cases and toilet kits equipped with pockets and compartments, as also some models with a hook to hang it up in the bathroom.

The clutches from Piquadro, elegant and precious thanks to their realization made of Italian leather, are perfect to be carried around inside the luggage, but also inside the bag for every day, while the beauty cases instead are available also in the variations made of fabric, to make them water resistant and light. An innovation of the last collection is the men's clutch, perfect to be carried in the hand or under the arm within all circumstances, instead of a shoulder bag or bumbag.